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How can Thai Yoga Massage help me with my shoulder pain?

Most people have never even heard of Thai Yoga Massage, let alone experienced it!

But what is it?

Thai Yoga is a massage modality that incorporates yoga like stretches with deep compressions to enhance mobility and lessen pain.

What makes Thai Yoga different than regular massage?

No Massage Table: Thai Massage is performed on a padded mat on the floor instead of on a massage table.

Fully Clothed: The client remains fully dressed during a Thai Massage. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement of body and limbs. Gym or yoga clothing work great!

No Oils or Lotion: Unlike other forms of massage, Thai Massage does not require any oils or lotion. So you wont have to worry about oil in your hair!

Lots of Movement: Thai Yoga Massage is quite dynamic and involves the therapist moving you into yoga like stretches and poses. Think of it like passive yoga. Thai Massage also incorporates point pressure, energy line work for an invigorating and balancing experience.

How can it help with shoulder pain?

There is a misconception people have about shoulder pain, most people think where the pain is at is where the problem also lies. That is simply not true. To put it in simple terms the front and back of your shoulder area play a game of tug of war, each side trying to be in control of the shoulders position. For most of us the front wins due to habitual posture and activities. i.e. working hunched over the computer all day, driving, anxiety. Since the pectorals in the front are winning this game the rhomboids in the back have to anchor in, create knots to try and keep the shoulder from falling forward. They scream in frustration and you can feel it! Thai Yoga lengthens the muscles in the chest and allows the muscles between your shoulder blades to truly relax!

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