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The Hendrickson Method is an advanced system of massage and manual therapy that effectively treats acute and chronic pain. It is a gentle, pain-free orthopedic modality that involves rhythmic wave-like strokes, joint mobilization, and muscle energy techniques. It is not a typical full-body massage, usually, one area or condition will be focused on and addressed during each session. People are often surprised to find that I can spend a full hour just on one elbow and wrist, but I get into the nitty-gritty of every muscle, every tendon, and every attachment point in that area.


  • Your session will start with orthopedic testing and Hendrickson Method soft tissue assessments to guide me to treat your specific tissues to best stimulate your body’s natural healing response.

  • Each session allows time for assessment, massage/manual therapy, re-assessment, and self-care ideas.

  • For most of your treatment, you are laying on your side in a relaxed position with a pillow underneath your head and another between your flexed knees; the way many people sleep. 

  • I use muscle energy techniques to relax the affected muscles, balance tight and weak muscles, and reduce muscle adhesions (knots) in a fraction of the time. The techniques are remarkably effective at reprogramming the nervous system to “turn off” hypertonic muscles and reset the muscles to their resting tone and resting length. 

  • After the tissue has become relaxed, it is gently repositioned back into its functional alignment through rhythmic wave-like movements of the body. This oscillating motion mobilizes and lubricates the joints, dissolves tension, and promotes pain-free movement.

  • This is an all-inclusive treatment, I will decide on and apply the techniques that feel will be most helpful. In addition to Hendrickson Method techniques, cooling pain cream, hot packs, and stretching may be used.  

  • You will need to wear loose or comfortable clothing for your treatment. After your session, I may reevaluate your range of motion and pain levels and advise you on some self-care stretches or activities.


The Hendrickson Method can help with musculoskeletal complaints of all kinds. Because of how gentle this modality is, I've found this method is especially helpful for those who have a heightened sensitivity to pain or pressure. I have clients who describe their pain tolerance with statements like "I'm such a baby when it comes to pain!” and this modality is fantastic for them! Even clients who love deep pressure find this method to be effective for their conditions. 

In addition to muscle strain or sprains, muscle imbalances, arthritis, inflammation in muscles or joints, decrease in range of motion, nerve impingement, and post-surgical care, here are some injuries and conditions that improve with this method:


  • Neck and Jaw: headaches, "kink in the neck", whiplash, scalene syndrome, TMJ issues

  • Shoulder joint: frozen shoulder, labrum tear, thoracic outlet syndrome, can't raise your arm overhead

  • Elbow, wrist, hand: tennis/golfers elbow, trigger finger, numbness in the hand, carpal tunnel syndrome, de quervans, cubital tunnel syndrome

  • Upper/mid/low back: disc degeneration or herniation, kyphosis, hard to breathe or rib restriction, scoliosis, vertebral facet fixation, chronic low back pain

  • Hip joint: diffuse hip pain, unlevel pelvis, hard to stand up in the morning, iliopsoas dysfunction, inguinal ligament sprain, hip replacement pain

  • Knees: restricted knee flexion or extension, knee replacement pain, meniscus tear, ACL PCL LCL MCL support, nerve entrapment, patellar tracking dysfunction

  • Lower leg and feet: ankle pain, sprained ankle, claw toes, hammer toes, neuropathy, numbness in the feet or toes


These sessions focus on increasing the range of motion in joints, realigning tissues to reduce adhesions (knots), rehydrating joints, reducing pain and inflammation, achieving long-term relief from acute injuries and chronic pain, and surgery preparation. The techniques restore proper movement patterns and correct physical dysfunctions caused by poor posture, and musculoskeletal imbalances. It is precise and extremely effective while still being a comfortable and soothing treatment.

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